National Acrobatic Teams Tournament Details

Acrobatics Teams Tournament 2011 and 2012 Celtic Cup Team Trial

St. Leos College, Carlow

 Dec 11th, 2011

Hall opens to the public at 10.00

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Competition March on 10:20am

Running order for the day – the competition will run from nbr’s 1 thru 78 inclusive as the day progresses. 

Hall opens for Pools A, B, C, D at 8.30am, for general warm up specific warm ups as per the competition work plan issued to Coaches/Judges Gymnasts/ coaches are responsible for being ready for the time slot allocated, but keep in mind times are approximate and performers may be called early if there are withdrawals on the day. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PUBLIC ADDRESS for any changes during the day. 12.30 floor Warm ups for Pool E, F & G.  02.oopm floor warm ups for H, I and J. The event is due to finish by 04.00pm

 Routine Order:

17        Jade Murphy, Camille Bacon , Kate Mc GuinnWG – G2DyNamo Pool B warm up 8.30am

25        Sophia Essmeier , Beth StewartWP – G2DyNamo Pool C warm up 8.30am

37        Helen Smith, Sarah ConlonWP – G3DyNamo Pool E warm up 12.00 noon

63        Elise Brenna, Meadhbh Mc HughWP – BDyNamo Pool I warm up 02.00pm