Information for Christmas Display, Thursday 6th December

Parents and Guardians welcome at 6.30pm

Please note Gymnast Arrival & Warm Up Times

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri Classes:    Arrive for Warm up at 5.30pm

Saturday 12-1pm Class:                 Arrive for warm up at 6.00pm

Saturday 1-2.30pm Class:             Arrive for Face Paint at 5.30pm, Warm up at 6pm

(If any child has a reaction to face paint in Saturday Class 1-2.30pm, please let us know in advance)

WHAT TO WEAR: All Club Gymnasts wear Club Tracksuit or Hoodie

Saturday Class 1 12-1pm – Girls: For Display please wear your own leotard/swimsuit with black Leggings. Boys: DyNamo will provide a Club Leo for boys in the Display

Saturday Class 2 1-2.30pm- For Display Please wear black Leggings and a Black long sleeve top

For all other classes, club competition leotards will be provided