ATT Gymnast’s Warm Up times

Venue: University of Limerick

Please note these times are current guidelines from Gymnastics Ireland, and are subject to change.

Saturday: Meet at Warm up area at 3.30pm

Chloe and Ciara TBC

Clara and Emily TBC

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Sunday- Conor, Pauric, Sarah, Carrie, Kaylin, Kate, Meadhbh, Megan meet at General Warm up floor at 8.10am

Conor and Pauric 10mins on main floor 8.40am

Sarah, Carrie & Kaylin 10mins on main floor  8.40am

Kate, Meadhbh & Megan 10mins on main floor 9.00am


Sunday: Jenny, Lisa, Roisin, Sarah, Orla, Ashlinn & Sophie meet at general warm up area at 8.40am

Jenny & Lisa 10mins on main floor 9.10am

Roisin, Sarah and Orla 10mins on main floor 9.20am

Ashlinn and Sophie 10mins on main floor 9.30am