Parent’s Notice:Inter Club Event hosted by DyNamo on 13th April

DyNamo Gym Club are hosting an InterClub Acrobatic Gymnastics Competition on Sunday 13th April. We are hoping that all our Monday and Tuesday class partnerships will be ready for this event. Please keep this date free, and please ensure your gymnast attends all their gymnastic classes, so that coaches can prepare each partnership and their routine in class time. We would appreciate your effort and gymnast’s attendance, so that partners will not be let down.  All Competitors wear Club Tracksuits (available from Jako sports). Coaches will discuss leotards and hair styles with each partnership.


We are also hoping parents could help us on the day for the following;

1)      Seek sponsorship for shop supplies

2)      Cleaning and setting up the gym for spectators on the morning of the event

3)      Manage the club’s Photo/video consent form which needs to be completed by all spectators with a camera/video camera to abide by our Child Protection Policy.

4)      Seek sponsorship for shop supplies

5)      Provide/make shop supplies ( sandwiches/cakes/buns/biscuits/sweets/drinks etc)

6)      Run the shop from the club kitchen for the event to help fundraise for the moving costs in 2014 ( provide tea/coffee, collect money for refreshments)

7)      Parking Marshalling, welcoming and directing competitors and spectators to designated parking places

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8)      Provide refreshments to the judging panel at the event( tea/coffee and biscuits)

9)      Set up lunch table and provide lunch to the judges panel during their break

10)   Cleaning and setting up the gym for class on Monday at the end of the event

11)   Photographer for the event

If you feel you can help, please add your name and contact number to our form on club notice board, or email us at stating what job you would like to do. We would really appreciate any parental support on the day.